Internationally acclaimed fashion designer Palesa Mokubung has taken her signature style from the runway to the lifestyle space with four chic, custom-designed prints for the African Influencers collection, harnessing her edgy-yet-elegant aesthetic to craft a unique fabric range.

“I set out to create superior prints that have African finesse and are inspired by everything that inspires me,” she says. “I’m hoping to bring some style and flair into people’s homes.”

Her eclectic designs feature everything from a dynamic monochrome inscription of her fashion label, Mantsho (Scribe), to a print that celebrates local jazz by detailing the Sowetan township houses that are home to this unique subgenre (Township Jazz).

Also included are floral prints adorned with strelitzia and accentuated with African design elements (Crane Flower and Zinkwasi), and which represent Mantsho’s feminine lines and texture
Palesa describes herself as a “lover of things” and orientates her work around her personal passions, yet always with an eye on the past, which is often sewn into her work.

“I’m a sentimental person,” she says. “I keep beautiful memories with me and draw from them – that’s what makes my work authentic and makes it feel like it’s rooted in something.”